Watermelon White Sangria


The Watermelon White Sangria starts with freshly diced watermelon, which provides a delicious and refreshing base.

Crisp White Wine: Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio pairs well with watermelon and makes the sangria more refreshing.

Citrusy Burst: Slice or squeeze oranges and lemons to give sangria a bright, zesty flavor.

Sweetening Elegance: Subtly sweeten sangria with simple syrup or agave nectar to highlight the natural tastes.

Refreshing Mint Leaves: Add fresh mint leaves to chill and flavor the sangria.

Chilled Club Soda: Add chilled club soda just before serving to make the Watermelon White Sangria lighter and effervescent.

Watermelon Cubes: Add small watermelon cubes to the glasses' rims or skewers for visual appeal and extra tastes of the delicious fruit.

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