Mozzarella Sticks


The gooey core of mozzarella sticks is offset by their golden-brown, crispy outside, obtained through breading and frying.

Meal highlight: Stringy Melted Mozzarella Center: The crispy shell holds mozzarella cheese. When chewed or pushed apart, the cheese forms long, stringy threads that taste great.

Breading for Texture: A seasoned breadcrumb or batter coating gives mozzarella sticks a crunchy texture and more flavor.

Mozzarella sticks usually come with marinara sauce for dipping. The creamy cheese and acidic, herb-infused sauce pair perfectly.

Mozzarella sticks are often sold frozen, making them a quick and easy snack or appetizer to bake or fried.

Kids enjoy mozzarella sticks because of their unique form and creamy cheese inside. They are a fixture on many appetizer menus.

Versatile Snacking: Mozzarella sticks are a popular appetizer, party snack, and comfort meal.

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