Le Fraisier French Strawberry Cake


Le Fraisier, a French Strawberry Cake, has layers of fresh strawberries sandwiched between sponge cake and coated in a glossy apricot glaze.

Light Sponge Layers: The cake's light sponge layers highlight the strawberries' deliciousness. Syrup can flavor and moisten sponge layers.

The substantial layer of fresh strawberries between sponge cake layers is a hallmark. This gives each slice a natural sweetness and luscious, fruity flavor.

The light sponge cake and fresh strawberries are complemented by Le Fraisier's silky vanilla pastry cream.

Some Le Fraisier recipes include a thin layer of almond marzipan or pistachio paste, which adds a mild nutty flavor that complements the cake.

Strawberry Decorations: The cake's top is decorated with elegant strawberry decorations to highlight the brilliant red berries and enhance its beauty.

Seasonal Delight: Le Fraisier is consumed during strawberry season, celebrating the freshness and sweetness of ripe strawberries in the most elegant and delectable way.

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