Chocolate Prune Cannoli Cake


delectable Combination: Rich chocolate and sweet, chewy prunes make the Chocolate Prune Cannoli Cake a delectable treat.

Moisture Boost: Prunes provide flavor and moisture to the cake, making it soft and delicious.

A layer of creamy cannoli cream filling adds decadence to each bite of this dessert. Chocolate, prunes, and cannoli filling make a delicious treat.

Nutty Crunch: Chopped pistachios or hazelnuts add a delicious crunch to the soft cake and creamy cannoli cream.

Perfect for Special Occasions: The Chocolate Prune Cannoli Cake provides a new twist on typical chocolate cakes with its flavors and textures.

Balanced Sweetness: Prunes contribute natural sweetness to the cake, reducing added sugars while keeping a balanced and delightful sweetness.

Decorated with chocolate shavings, powdered sugar, or cannoli cream swirls, the cake is both tasty and beautiful, adding refinement to any table.

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