Chili’s Copycat Skillet Queso


Chili's Copycat Skillet Queso recreates the classic appetizer with a velvety base of melted cheeses, usually Velveeta and shredded cheese.

Zesty Tomatoes and Spices: Diced tomatoes and green chilies give freshness and zest to the queso. Cumin and chili powder enhance Tex-Mex flavors.

Aromatic Sauteed Vegetables: Perfectly sautéed onions and garlic provide savory layers to the queso, complementing the cheese's richness.

Jalapeño Heat: Diced jalapeños give a spicy spice to queso, deepening its flavor. Customize the number of jalapeños to suit your heat preferences.

Melted to Perfection: The queso is melted to gooey perfection in a skillet, creating a warm and indulgent dip that is both satisfying and comforting.

Restaurant-Quality Presentation: Chili's restaurants serve queso in cast-iron skillets. This increases visual appeal and keeps the dip warm during serving.

Versatile Dipping: Chili's Copycat Skillet Queso complements tortilla chips, making it a delicious dip for parties, game nights, and other gatherings.

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