Chick Fil A Copycat Frosted Lemonade


Gather Ingredients: Collect vanilla ice cream, fresh lemon juice, sugar, and ice cubes for this refreshing Chick-fil-A inspired frosted lemonade.

A big scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh lemon juice blended together create a sweet-tart flavor.

Add sugar to the blender and process until completely dissolved to adjust sweetness. This step gives your frosted lemonade the right sweetness.

Throw in a handful of ice cubes and blend until smooth and frothy. Ice cools the drink.

Make sure the frosted lemonade is thick and creamy. To get the right texture, add more ice cream or ice.

Garnish with Lemon Slice (Optional): For a decorative touch, garnish the frosted lemonade with a lemon slice on the rim of the glass.

Serve Now: Enjoy homemade Chick-fil-A by pouring iced lemonade into a glass.A copycat treat immediately, enjoying the creamy, zesty treat on a hot day.

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