Cherry Cheesecake Brownies


For delicious cherry cheesecake brownies, combine dark chocolate, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, flour, cherries (fresh or canned), vanilla essence, and a pinch of salt.

Melt Chocolate and Butter: Melt dark chocolate and butter together, creating a rich and smooth base that forms the decadent brownie layer.

In a second bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract until smooth and well incorporated to make the cheesecake layer.

Add Flour and Salt: Gradually add flour to the brownie batter for a fudgy texture and a pinch of salt for balance.

Layer brownie batter: Pour half into the baking pan to start. After adding the cheesecake, save some batter for the top.

Add Cherries, Cheesecake Sprinkle cherries on the brownie layer and pour cream cheese over it. Stir the layers to create a marbled look.

Bake Perfectly: Add leftover brownie batter for a double layer. Bake until set to combine flavors. After chilling, cut into squares for a rich chocolate, creamy cheesecake, and sweet cherry flavor.

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