Bicentennial Quarter Exceeding 28 Million In Value


The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter, commemorating the US' 200th anniversary, is rare and valuable due to its unusual design.

Unique Design: The Bicentennial Quarter's patriotic reverse design featuring Independence Hall makes it popular with collectors.

limited Mintage Numbers: Bicentennial Quarters are rarer and more collectible than other quarters due to their limited mintage.

Many Bicentennial Quarters have been withdrawn from circulation, reducing their availability and increasing their value.

High Demand Among Collectors: The coin's scarcity and historical significance have driven up its market value.

Coin Grading: Uncirculated, well-preserved Bicentennial Quarters are worth more.

Market Trends: The Bicentennial Quarter's value has risen to 28 million due to market trends and coin collecting.

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