Bermudian Rum Cake


Dark rum gives Bermudian Rum Cake its rich, moist texture. The spirit flavors and makes the cake decadent.

Tropical Flair: Bermuda's lively and exotic spirit is reflected in the cake's tropical components like coconut and bananas, giving it a distinctive spin on rum cake.

A unique characteristic is the cake's soaking in old rum after baking. This process gives the cake a rich, complex flavor and keeps it moist.

Nutty Crunch: Chopped pecans or walnuts give the Bermudian Rum Cake a pleasant crunch that balances the rich and soft crumb.

Rum Glaze or Topping: A rum glaze adds flavor and sheen to the cake. The rum infusion tastes richer and more delicious.

Celebratory Tradition: Bermudian Rum Cake is a popular celebration food, steeped in Bermuda's flavors and spirits.

Bermudian Rum Cake is a great keepsake or gift for friends and family because its flavors mature with time due to alcohol's absorbing and preservation properties.

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